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Driver Testimonies

“I have tried other companies but there is no place like HOME at Trucks For You! I have paid off two trucks working at Trucks For You.” – Doug

"I started with Trucks For You in 1996 as a company driver, in 2000 I become an O/O. To date I have owned and paid for 5 trucks while driving at TFY, paid off my house and have made a good living for my family. Trucks For You is my employer but they treat me like FAMILY! I invite anyone who is looking for a good company to retire with call Trucks For You! If you want to be an Owner Operator and don’t have a Truck, call them they have a deal that works, I know I have done it!" - James

"Trucks For You is an enjoyable place to work; everybody knows my name just like CHEERS! TFY will work with you when you need help! I have paid off one truck while working at TFY and working on buying a second truck. When you need your home time, you'll get it. I've been working here for five wonderful years. I love my work and I'm very happy at Trucks For You." - Adrian

“Thank goodness it’s paid for… did it in 26 months!!!” - Connie

“This was a good deal for me, I paid my truck off in about a year and half.” - Mike

"Best company I’ve worked for. TFY keeps me busy and gets me home when I need home. Dispatchers & Planners work as a team to make me successful. If I need help TFY is there. I have no reason for complaints. Laredo team is very personable and they work to keep me working and making money." - Jose

Lease Purchase

Qualified Drivers (See Owner Operator page for qualifications) interested in being an owner operator for Trucks For You can take advantage of this great program with low weekly payments. Ryder Maintenance program is included with each of our lease/purchase programs starts at as little as 7 cents per mile. Trucks For You has an in house Ryder maintenance facility at our Muskogee, OK terminal, so drivers can conveniently have their trucks worked on there or on the road at any Ryder approved facilities.

Our goal for our Owner Operators is first and foremost for them to make a good living while enjoying a quality lifestyle. If it’s miles that a driver is after, we have plenty of those with our average length of haul at 700 miles and many drivers getting 12,000 miles a month. With all the complexity of trucking that drivers now face on the road, we feel that it’s best to make sure drivers play by the rules while letting them be free enough freedom to operate their trucks in a profitable way.

“The best part about our lease purchase program is that a driver can work hard and make good money, and after the completion of the purchase terms they have an asset that they can either continue to operate debt free or they can sell to leverage the purchase of their next truck.” – Jay Calavan- Trucks For You VP

Current Lease Purchase Programs

2015 Ryder

2015 Freightliner Evolution
No Money Down
No Interest
3.5 to 4 year terms
$600 weekly payments
Ryder Maintenance Program

2018 Ryder

Freightliner Evolution
No Money Down
No Interest
5.5 years or Less
$625 Truck Payment per week
Ryder Maintenance Program

2016 & 2017 Ryder

Freightliner Evolution
No Money Down
No Interest
4 to 5 years or Less
$605-$625 Truck Payment per week
Ryder Maintenance Program

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