TFY Driver Logins and Resources

Current Drivers

Two Goals of Trucks For You:

  • Quality Service to our Customers
  • Quality Lifestyle for our Drivers

Taking care of our drivers is a top priority at Trucks For You and we are glad that you are a part of our team. Our goal of servicing our customers is not possible without the hard work and dedication of our drivers, and we want to assist you in anyway possible while you are our on the road. The resources available to you on our website and the support we can offer you through our safety/recruiting office are all geared towards giving you a happy and profitable experience at Trucks For You. Please call the safety/recruiting office at 918-348-7419 for any direct assistance you might need.

Bonus Program: The TFY Bonus Program was created with the hope that every driver would earn extra pay for all miles driven by meeting some or all of the of top driver program qualifications. Up to .07 cents per mile is your reward for working hard, operating safety, and being in compliance with TFY and DOT rules. We instituted the Top Driver program because both the driver and Trucks For You is the most success when you operate with at least 11,000 miles per month.

TFY Top Driver Program

Program Qualifications:

Base Pay: .92
All Drivers earn bonus pay on all miles for driving over 11,000 per month and it increases with time driven with TFY:
  • 0-18 months - .02 per mile
  • 18-36 months - .03 per mile
  • 36-72 months - .04 per mile
  • >72 months - .05 per mile
Add another .01 per mile and a $20 Pilot card each month by:
  • 12,000 miles
  • No CSA Points
  • Meeting eLog requirements
  • Completing maintenance reports on time
  • No accidents or incidents (fault or not)
  • Meet these goals 3 consecutive months and get entered in a monthly drawing for $500
Add another .01 per mile by:
  • Fully compliant with Qualcomm use
  • No internal log violations
  • Ease of doing business